Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dan Cody

Dan Cody is one of the characters in The Great Gatsby. He made money by mining precious metals. He enjoyed making money and being rich. He was very softminded, which made many women take advantage of his kindess. Dan Cody was a very heavy drinker. He owned a yacht which he took Gatsby and made him his personal assistant. His yacht was a simbolism of the beauty and glamour of the world.

Him and Gastby were very alike in the sense that they were both self-made men. He was a great friend of Gatsby's; he was more like a mentor of Gatsby. They met when Gatsby rowed over to his yacht to warn him of a storm. Dan Cody helped him when he was just a young man and helped him better understand society. He also talk Gatsby how to live with the wealthy, as a rich man.

When Dan Cody died, part of his money was to be inherited to Gatsby. He had left $25,000.00 for him. But, a woman named Ella Kay was let into his life and Gatsby never received any of the money that was intended to go to him.

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