Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Great Gatsby Film Version

There are many different film versions of The Great Gatsby. The movies are very similar to the book. Reading the book made me visualize what I believed the overall setting and picture to be. And, when I saw two versions of the movie, I had the same visual in my head as shown in the actual movies. The different scenes seemed the same in the book as they did in the movie. A majority of the dialogue in the book was directly spoken in the movies.

The movies didn't have as much meaning as the book did. The way things were looked at and portrayed were greater explained in the book. Unlike the book, the theme that was showed the most in the movie was that "money can't buy true happiness." Other themes that were in the book like: how hard it is to confront the truth, and the disillusion of the times, weren't as well shown.

There's many different themes in the book and when you read it you're able to chose which one is most important to you. Unlike the movies where it practically chooses the theme for you instead of you being able to have your own perspective.

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