Thursday, May 13, 2010

East Egg vs. West Egg

Two major settings of this book are East Egg and West Egg. They are both completely different from eachother, but also have some similarities. "East Egg and West Egg are the peninsulas of Long Island and where the main characters live." The West Egg is where Nick and Gatsby both live, it's considered the "less fashionable" side of Long Island. (p.5) They are the ones who have worked hard and earned their money in a short period of time. The East Egg consideres them to be lazy and not as hard-working as them. The East Egg is the more rich part of this city. It's for the people who have always had money, "old money." Although these eggs are both very different. They are both filled with people who envy, love money, and try and find not the best ways to shape their lives.

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