Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Selfish People

The Great Gatsby is filled with selfish remarks and characters who are only concerned with themselves. It is set among educated, wealthy people who have no concern for people they don't surround themselves with. These are just the rich people. Now the lower class people are selfish as well. They envy and seek the glamour and lifestyles of characters like Gatsby. The people who appear to be sincere and beautiful, are truly filled with carelessness, selfishness, and immorality. No matter the time of day, people are always self centered and selfish. The characters of The Great Gatsby as well as the people of today just continue to be careless of anyone but themselves.

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  1. Pictures are great but your post needs to be a bit longer. Maybe use quotes from the novel? Your background and header look great. 70/75

    Ms. Donahue