Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Men of Gatsby

Many of the men of Gatsby are JUST like the men of today. Although in the book the men play their gender roll during the time period of WWI. The way men treat women in this book is based on their class. "Gender roles are in part decided by societal roles, as Tom’s upper class masculinity (strength, intimidation, virility) is contrasted with Wilson’s lower class version (hard working nature, naiveté)."

Men are abusive in this time, which is seen as a masculine right. Tom is abusive because he is controlling of both his wife Daisy and his mistress Myrtle. Unlike Tom, Gatsby treats Daisy as if "she is the most precious jewel in the world." Tom is considered to be 'the guy you don't want to be.' Whereas Gatsby is 'the guy everyone should want to be.' For the most part, Nick is the more quiet, reserved man. In love situations: Tom is controlling, Gatsby would die for the one he loves, and Nick is able to walk away from a woman who is not good for him.

Many people are quick to judge the men in The Great Gatsby because of the way they act and treat women. But, they did this because they were living up to society's expectations; "to be in charge and in control and to take care of women."


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  1. Good post. Your background and header look good and you chose good pictures for your post, even though men didn't have tattoos like that then. 75/75

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