Sunday, May 16, 2010

Old vs. New Money

Along with East Egg and West Egg comes the idea of money and the relation people have to it. F. Scott Fitzgerald compares people who have earned their money and people who have been given their money: using the words, "old money" and "new money." Old money, are the people in East Egg (Tom and Daisy). Being that they have been wealthy for several generations puts them in this category. Unlike old money, new money are the people who have just began earning money (Gatsby). Though they both are wealthy, one has always had money, where as the other is new at earning money. Old money looks down on new money because they feel vulnerable. They feel as if they are more classy and spend their money in better ways, which in my opinion isn't necissarily false. East Egg shows off their money through parties, glamour, and fashion. This can easily be compared to our world and different cities of today.

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  1. Good post, but again must be about 3 paragraphs. I love the images though. 65/75

    Ms. Donahue