Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Women of Gatsby

Just like the men, there are many women of Gatsby who are exactly like the women of today. They act as the women are supposed to act during the time period of WWI. Women treated marriage like it was nothing. They had affairs just as often as the men. They believed they could act just as the men did, whether it was right or wrong. Many of their actions apparently weren't thought through before done.

During this time period, women had more freedom than they ever had in the past. They were considered to be very "free-spirited". They would take advantage of this because they felt free. Most of the women of the 1920's became flappers(which i'll later explain in another post).

Two of the women in The Great Gatsby are very similar to each other. Daisy and Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson, both of Tom's women. Daisy is careless, superficial, and shallow. Myrtle is also superficial, but she is always looking for ways to better herself and her living circumstances. Both of these women deal with Tom's abusive personality and the way he treats them. They also both believe that money is the best thing in the world. Neither of them are ever satisfied with their lives, and are confused by love.


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